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For over 28 years Great Little Box Company has been committed to conducting its business and operations in an environmentally sensitive and responsible manner. We conduct regular reviews of our environmental objectives and targets.

In a recent review, we concluded that consumers are demanding more environmentally sound products and packaging. Vraj has determined that having SFI (Sustainable Forestry Initiative) certification was the next logical step in ensuring that our customers and end consumers receive the best packaging options. With only 10% of the world’s forest being certified, it’s becoming crucial to source our raw materials from these responsible sources.

GLBC’s paperboard division is also FSC ®(Forest Stewardship Council ®) ensuring that our products uphold principals and criteria ensuring forests are managed in a responsible way.

How we do it ?

  • GLBC and its employees are 100% committed to the prevention of pollution.
  • We make the choices and investments we need to allow us to continue to be an industry leader for environmental causes.
  • We are continuously improving our environmental management systems for more efficient performance.
  • In support of our carpool & bus pick up program we have allocated prime parking spots to staff that carpool to work.
  • We have invested approximately $150,000 in an overhead scrap removal system to efficiently and effectively collect and bundle corrugated scraps for recycling. This program recycles over 70 tons per month from our plant, which is equal to 2849 trees per year.
  • We have electric forklifts that are equipped with wireless laptops, thus reducing greenhouse gases and paper consumption.
  • GLBC only uses water based non-toxic inks and sends all of the waste back to the supplier for recycling.
  • We have already reduced our internal paper usage in our scheduling department by using electronic scheduling and automated work orders.
  • Our maintenance and shipping areas are fitted with “Quick” doors to reduce heat loss and consumption.
  • We have over 4,000 plants throughout our grounds which filter up to 80,000 pounds of pollutants out of the
    air each year.
  • Our corrugated pallets provide environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternatives to wood pallets.
  • GLBC has a Recycling program in place for staff waste, such as pop cans & bottles, newspapers and plastic containers; Proceeds from this program go to World Vision of Honduras to help support a child in Central America.
  • In 2016 we purchased The Lion- by Heger Recycling, this foam compactor uses innovated technology to compress bulky foam waste into easy to manage foam blocks resulting in considerable savings not only in transport and disposal costs but in waste reduction diverting 100% of foam scrap from the landfill.


The average recycled content
of a Canadian-made corrugated
box is comprised of an
average of 59% recovered
fibers. (PPEC)

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