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Packing Carton: Standard A Box Cardboard Box

They will come in flat packed and strapped, simply pop them up and close using the flaps provided, taping to seal. Available in a wide range of flute profiles (b, c, bc, e, eb and others) Can be printed if required

Flaps Fully Overlap Box

type boxes consist of one or two piece with a glued or stitched lug and top and bottom flaps that overlap fully. FEFCO code 0203 is the same as 0201 but with flaps that cover the base and top completely, known as a full overlap box. This gives extra strength to the cardboard box when assembled for heavy-weight product packaging needs.

Envelope Base Box

Box with a tucking top, tucking base, and side flaps in the box body. The envelope bottom allows rapid erection of the box without the need for gluing the base.

Self Locking Tray

Self locking boxes/trays, these are stackable when loaded with product, generally used for packing tins, jars or bottles, you will often see these trays in supermarkets printed with product details or brand image. We can supply the trays in brown, white or mottled board and plain or printed up to 2 colours depending on budget

Five Panel Wrap

The 5 panel wrap is supplied flat pack, suitable for boxes that require very narrow panels. Can be manufactured in single or double wall depending on the required protection

Die Cut

Often used for shipping small components or as an alternative mailer pack. Die Cut boxes are easy to assemble and very little waste during manufacture. The nature of the style gives excellent protection through the post

Locking tabs can be added so no need for taping. Can be manufactured in brown, mottled or white corrugated board and printed if required

Packing Wallet

Packing wallets are ideal alternatives to cartons for shallow packs. Product is placed in the centre and the wallet folds up around, needs taping or gluing to seal. The addition of buffers as a one piece pack increases the protection when used to send via couriers

Wallets can be made from single or double wall board depending on required product protection and the flaps can meet in the middle to allow the wallets to be stackable or overlap to protect product in case pack is cut open with a blade

Box & Lid

type boxes, very little waste so economical production, however the corners require gluing,stitching or taping before packaging.

Pizza Box ( pizza style)

Boxes arrive flatpacked so the number per pallet is high meaning easy to store. This type of box is very easy to assemble (see guide below). This type of box is most commonly used as a pizza box but also makes for a great mailer pack.

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Steps to order;

1) If you want a special order, you should “cardboard box sample” with cargo for for pricing and accurate production.

2) If You want standard size cardboard box ,you can order by making payment for example; 60*40*40, 80*50*50

3) You send message for all question and all production process.

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